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Today a fireplace is so much more than a place where people gather to keep the chills away. It's the central point where family and extended family meet to catch up on old times and share new ones. The combination of fire and logs cracking does wonders for the weary soul. Rustic wood mantel shelves would definitely enhance the décor of the room. These sturdy shelves provide the perfect location for family photographs, books, curios, plants and any other eye catching items. The rustic wood look oozes of charm and gives the room a very appealing and cozy look.

What's So Good About These Shelves?

These shelves can be custom made to suit individual requirements. They are easy to install. They are even available in a number of attractive and durable wood types and striking designs. Each wooden shelf has intrinsic craftsmanship and an excellent finish. The mantel shelves can be painted in different colors and its solid exterior prevents scratches and dents from destroying its surface.

Points To Consider Before Buying Your Mantel Shelf

* Make sure to note the size of your fireplace. wood mantel. The shelf needs to compliment the fireplace and not overshadow it. So it needs to be of the correct dimensions.

* It is mandatory to follow the safety rules and regulations that are set by the National Fire Code. Ensure that you follow these guidelines stringently to avoid mishaps as well as double work of reinstalling it.

* If you are installing the mantel shelves yourself, make sure that you have the necessary tools present as well as the instructions at hand.

All you need to do is install the mounting board, place and fasten the shelf on the mounting board, and voila your rustic wood mantel shelves are ready to be used and admired.

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